event / Riyadh

Muse: Imad Taher Solo Exhibition

12 November 2013 — 8 December 2013
Opening 8pm
Naila Art Gallery, Takhasusi st. | شارع التخصصي,

A Message from the Artist My father always taught me to decipher a complex problem by breaking it down and solving each piece in it's individuality. With this mantra in mind, I grew to learn that the world our physical being exists in, is only one of the many worlds our spiritual being transcends to. The French have developed an advanced methodology in regards to different dimensions of life; in which they transform tangible problems into a virtual world to ease the resolution process. I was personally drawn to this approach, because of its similarity to the words of my father (who has never been to France) I heard many years before. My journey since the mid-eighties lead me to discover endless techniques to building assumptions, allowing me to exhaust my imagination to a parallel world inspired by this mantra. A world of freedom, beauty in all it's solidarity, the most beautiful seas and all shades of the color wheel coming to life. In a blink of an eye, I can wake up from this world and yearn for it; I wish for you to embrace the experience of each painting, I only hope that it will lead you to your own world. I am honored to invite you to join my trip, I hope the colors will leave you with something to remember. I thank you, and wish you a night filled with blissful dreams.