event / Jeddah

Sadik Alfraji Solo Exhibition

26 November 2013 — 9 January 2014
Opening 7pm-9pm | Sun-Thu 10am-9pm
Ayyam Gallery, Bougainvillea Center, Malik Rd. | مركز بوجاينفل، طريق الملك,

Ayyam Gallery Jeddah is pleased to invite you to the private preview of ‘Godot to Come Yesterday’, an exhibition of works by Iraqi artist Sadik Alfraji on Tuesday, 26 November at 7pm. Sadik Kwaish Alfraji’s works – regardless of the medium – have a unique way of blending art and philosophy. Through his strikingly dark works including paintings, prints and video, Alfraji explores a variety of themes such as issues of existence and identity, feeling of loss and perpetual state of longing. Moreover, he tackles anxiety, emotions and thoughts related to these themes, which are much prevalent in his life as an exile artist. In this respect, his memories of social and political events, especially the Iran-Iraq war, and personal experiences such as the loss of his father add to the intensity and depth in his work. Having shown his work internationally in the Middle East, Europe and the US, Alfraji’s engaging exhibitions encourage viewers to tackle questions of existence that are relevant to all our lives.