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21,39 Jeddah Arts

4 February 2014 — 4 April 2014

, Gold Moore Mall, Al Shate'a District | مول جولد مور، حي الشاطيء,

Having made a distinct mark on the international art world, Jeddah, the cultural capital of Saudi Arabia, presents an initiative dedicatedto preserving and presenting the country’s burgeoning cultural landscape. The two-month contemporary art event welcomes the international art world for the opening week held from 4-8 February. Taking its title from Jeddah’s geographical coordinates ‘21,39’ offers an exclusive experience of exhibitions, educational workshops, seminars and a unique programme to revive the Old town and culture.


‘21, 39’is a non-profit initiative planned by the Saudi Art Council, a group of individuals who seek to contribute to the local community through the promotion of art and culture and chaired by HRH Princess Jawaher bint Majed Al-Saud, founder of Al-Mansouria Foundation, (an organization dedicated to supporting creativity throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

This annual program will include a variety of curated cultural events held throughout the city and involving home-grown galleries and fine art institutions that aim to build bridges with the global art community. ‘21, 39’ presents audiences in the Kingdom with the opportunity to further explore and appreciate the culture of the city and wider Kingdom, while showcasing a sense of growth and establishment on an international level.


“The inaugural opening event of ‘21, 39’ will be held from 4-8 February and aims to expand beyond the current borders of the Kingdom’s cultural landscape, developing a platform for dialogue between local artists and the rest of the world by fostering the city as a vibrant and sustainable cultural destination for local, regional and international artists, patrons, visitors and art enthusiasts,” said Mohammed Hafiz, Vice-Chairman of The Saudi Art Council and Co-Founder of Jeddah-based Athr Gallery.


The initial programme will present two curated exhibitions featuring works from emerging and established Saudi artists: “Moallaqat” including works by Ahmed Mater, Manal AlDowayan and Saddek Wasil, amongst others, who have been inspired by the Jahiliyya (the Arabic name for the pre-Islamic era) phenomenon of art for the public and the tradition of poetry; and “Al-Madi Kamukkadima” (translated as “Past is Prologue”), exhibiting works by renowned modern masters, including Abdulhalim Radwi, Mohammed AlSaleem, Mohammed Siam, Ali Saffar, Abdullah AlSheikh and Abdullah Hammas amongst others, highlighting their contributions to the Saudi art landscape.


The iniative will also honour the career of Saffeya Binzager, one of the first Saudi artiststo hold an exhibition in Saudi Arabia, by presenting a selection of her works specifically for 21,39.

A special education program will run in conjunction with ‘21, 39’ offering guided tours of the exhibition, a volunteer programme and mentoring sessions for young Saudi artists, alongside workshops for children and adults.


A day of talks, panel discussions and open dialogue will enhance the ‘21, 39’ theme, covering such topics as the structure of the contemporary scene; the direction Saudi art is taking within the region; and the role of Saudi artists as cultural diplomats, readdressing preconceived notions promoted by international media. Speakers will include local, regional and international figures from the art world, and experts in their fields.


‘21, 39’ will place specialattention on Balad - a historical area of Jeddah, to aid in its on-going evolution as a place of inspiration and creativity. The programme will encourage clean-up, restoration and development, with site-specific installations, performance art, and workshops for locally-based children andschools.


For more information, please visit the website www.21-39.com

DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE GUIDEBOOK OF PROGRAMS AND EVENTS:    http://issuu.com/saudiartguide/docs/the_art_guide_-_saudi_art_guide  


About ‘21, 39’


‘21,39’is an annual event held in Jeddah presenting the narrative of art throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The debut edition highlights the history of the Kingdom’s modern and contemporary movements while encouraging further public, private and institutional investment as well as support of the arts and Saudi artists through a curated and diverse programme and cross-cultural understanding. Taking its title from the city’s geographical coordinates, this event offers an exclusive programme of exhibitions, educational workshops, seminars and a unique restoration programme.


‘21,39’is held under the patronage of Chairwoman HRH Princess Jawaher bint Majed Al-Saud and organised by the Saudi Art Council, under the guidance of Aya Alireza, Sara Alireza, Sharifa Al-Sudairy, Nawwaf Al-Nassar, Basma Alsulaiman, Abdullah AlTurki, Nadia AlZuhair, Sara Binladen, Eissa Bougary, Raneem Farsi, Mohammed Hafiz, Hamza Serafi, Hayat Shobokshi and Faisal Tamer.