event / Jeddah


4 February 2014 — 4 April 2014

, Gold Moore Mall, Al Shate'a District | مول جولد مور، حي الشاطيء,


This exhibition is named after the Jahiliyya phenomenon of the Moallaqat; when the    seven finest poems by the most renowned poets of the time were hung around the    Ka’ba. The artists in this exhibition explore the themes of the Moallaqat and all that    they represent, such as poetry, identity, history, language, heritage, culture, love and    war. Using mediums across the spectrum of contemporary art, including painting,    photography, video and installation, the artists use this early example of public art as    a window into how we understand ourselves today.     A contemporary group exhibition of Saudi artists:   Ibrahim Abumsmar   Shadia Alem   Manal Aldowayan   Musaed Al-Hulis   Mahdi Al-Jeraibi   Nasser Al-Salem   Dania Al-Saleh   Jowhara Al-Saud   Raeda Ashour   Abdulaziz Ashour   Dana Awartani   Taghreed Baghshi   Dr. Effat Fadaag   Mohammed Khatib   Maha Malluh   Ahmed Mater   Faisal Samra   Ghada Al-Rabea   Saddek Wasil   Ayman Yossri