event / Jeddah

Past is Prologue

4 February 2014 — 4 April 2014

, Gold Moore Mall, Al Shate'a District | مول جولد مور، حي الشاطيء,


Exhibiting 24 artworks of Saudi modern artists, this group show provides a capsule glimpse into the history of Century art in the Kingdom and 20th sheds light on the foundations of the contemporary art movement that is growing in acclaim today. ‘Past is Prologue’ pays tribute to the early generations of artists who were the trailblazers and foundation-builders.   A contemporary group exhibition of Modern Saudi artists:   Abdulhamid Al-Bakhshi?   Kamal Al-Mouallem   Mohammed Al-Resayes   Mohammed Al-Selim   Ali Al-Tukhais    Safeya Binzagr   Samir Daham   Dia Aziz Dia   Ahmed Felemban   Abdullah Hammas   Khalil Hasan Khalil   Mounirah Mously   Abdullah Nawawi   Abdulhalim Radwi   Ali Ruzaiza   Taha Sabban   Ali Safar   Bakr Sheikhoon   Mohammed Siam   Abdulrahman Soliman   Abduljabbar Yehya