event / Jeddah

A Journey of Belonging

16 January 2013 — 15 February 2013
Opening 7:30pm - 9:30pm | Open hours: Sat to Wed 9:00am to 10:00pm, Thu 9:00am to 5:00pm
Athr Gallery, Serai Megamall Office Tours, 5th floor,


Athr Gallery is proud to usher in the new year with renowned Saudi artist Manal Al-Dowayan’s first solo exhibition in Saudi Arabia A Journey of Belonging, introducing new work by the artist as well as seminal work from her previous series. The exhibition explores the artist’s frequent voyages into the past in search of understanding and mutual acceptance. Photographer, visual poet, and artist Manal Al Dowayan is one of the most recognizable and critically acclaimed of the new wave of Saudi contemporary artists.  She has exhibited globally, from Belgium to Bahrain, and has been acquired by collections such as the British Museum, Nadour, Barjeel and the Jordan National Museum of Fine Art, amongst many others. Her show at Athr Gallery emphasizes not only her profound achievement and success, but re-affirms the Jeddah gallery’s commitment to supporting and showcasing the most innovative and thoughtful art of the region. 

With the intersecting of key works from the artist’s different series under one roof, a pattern emerges, a common thread weaves itself through the works, one that gradually alters and transforms but remains unbroken. A journey comes to light.  A Journey of Belonging allows the viewer to approach Al-Dowayan’s work from a new perspective. There is a paradigm shift in focus, with controversial issues of women’s rights and identity, normally associated with the artist’s work, fading into the background, and the artist’s personal fears and obsessions coming to the fore.