event / Jeddah


26 February 2013 — 27 February 2013
09:00am - 04:00pm
, Dar Al Hekma College,

The theme of this year’s symposium is 'Identity'.

Identity is the unique aspect of each individual under

an umbrella of uniformity created by factors such as

culture, occupation or gender.

Identity is a combination of elements and characteristics

by which everyone is defined, recognized, labeled and

sorted. Identity fulfills the human beings basic need to

belong and be distinct at the same time.

What is our Identity? How is this generation different from

the generation before this? If identity is ever changing and

constantly evolving, then how much have we changed and how much remains the same?

Entrance fee: 250 SR (per day)

Discount prices: DAH Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumnae: free (please bring ID) Non-DAH students: 300 SR (both days)

For more information:  Tel: +966 2 630 3333 Ext: 370

IDENTITY Guest Speakers:

Animation: Andy Buchanan Ayman Jamal

Architecture: The Royal Institute of British Architects Mostafa El-Sayed Sara Saleh Dr. Hazem Sabbagh Prof. Mashary Al-Naim Tarek Naga Dr. Howayda Al-Harith Maan Bajnaid Amr Attia

Fashion Design: London College of Fashion Mariam Jalabi Omar Ashur Sara Suri Rasha Khori

Graphic Design: Dr. Lisa DeLong Stefan Sagmeister Kameel Hawa Tarek Atrissi

Interior Design: Dr. Amr Abdel Kawi Abdulaziz Azem

Music: Johannes Tonio Kreusch Cornelius Claudio Kreusch

Photography:  Joe Cornish